IEBCOpposition’s election discontent threatens Institutionalism and Democracy.
The 2017 opposition strategy is simply a forcible or violent overthrow of a social order established by law, with the intention of effectively decapitation of democracy resulting to a civilian coup d’état or force for an Inter-Parties Parliamentary Group… Read More

Kenya_flag_mapNdii’s Nihilism view on Kenya, a ploy to rout Democracy in 2017.
A choreographed ploy by a tiny but vociferous group of increasingly radicalized Kenya intellectuals and activists has emerged posing a deeper existential threat to the country come next year’s General Election… Read More

japIncessant Politicking to Revamp Jubilee’s Communication Towards 2017

Download Report as PDF In the 21st century world of information and communication technology, liberal democracies are under constant perpetual campaign mode due to pressure mounted on political parties to ‘win’ the daily news cycle […]

UhurutoGerontocracy and the Uhuru Succession Politics in the Rift Valley

Download Report as PDF The Kericho Senatorial by-election on March 7, 2016 revealed the deepening power tussle between Deputy President William Ruto and the ruling Jubilee government on the one hand and the Moi family […]

eaccIs Democracy making it Harder for Emerging Powers to Fight Crony Capitalism?

Historically, Kenya has suffered the surge of corruption. However, Kenya has never received publicity on corruption from its topmost leaders in the past as it has with President Uhuru’s government. This act of corruption has […]